Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Happy news for embedded developers, with the introduction of BeagleBone Blackcredit card sized single board 1GHz computer.We can develop high end embedded system with Operating system support in the ARM7 platform.Processor from Texas Instruments AM335x Cortex A8 Sitara.

Advantage of this small system is many more ,it will operate on 5V dc supply with 500 MA,so with USB cable connected to 5v source can operate the system.Most of the desktop computer features available with this board.As a standalone system keyboard and mouse can be connected with USB.Out put display available at micro HDMI port,that can be connected to any latest TV with HDMI input.LAN port is provided for network access.USB device(slave) port also available for connecting with PC,the board will act as storage device.Same time there is an internet pass-through via USB.For the starting of development some startup file provided in the eMMC (on board flash memmory 2GB),by opening the file it will direct to beagleboard development process with the help of cloud9 online IDE in a script language(bonescript). 
On board expansion slots  (P8,P9) are provided for the hardware development.So many ready made expansion boards(CAPE) are available in the market.
The BBB is shipped with Linux (Amstrong distribution)
other OS like Android platform and Ubundu also will work.

My board reached on 15th July  2013 
BeagleBone Black at Kozhikode Beach

Suitable for CAR computer -Low power ,Full featured 

It can fit anywhere ,no cooling fan needed

Package received with BBB,USB cable and a start-up instruction card

Connected with Windows machine and detected as Mass storage and internet pass-through.Drivers and Getting startup page available in the eMMC (2GB flash drive)

This is the start-up page from Board .You will be guided through simple steps and links provided for more resources.

 Beagle Bone Black connected with TV through HDMI
BBB having microHDMI connector
If your TV provided with HDMI input, use the microHDMI to HDMI cable
Desktop screen is visible at TV.
With wireless keyboard+mouse ,the full desktop computer is ready on a smartcard size. LAN also connected.Power supply through 5v adaptor. microSD slot for memory expansion and booting option.

Embedded system can be developed with OS and high level language support.BBB can be used as a low cost high end eLinux based embedded development platform.

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